Application & Income Assessment



The first and over-riding criterion for allocation of DaDA funding is that students
are judged at audition to have the most talent and potential to succeed in the


Institutions will offer a) provisional awards and b) final awards. No provisional awards will be offered to students prior to the 1st March. Final awards will only be offered when the student has formally accepted a place at the institution and where the completed Dance and Drama Award Application form has been fully income assessed.


There are two types of application forms that institutions use to assess
the amount of DaDA funding a student is eligible to receive:


  1. The Self-Declaration of Income form is used to initially assess the student’s household’s financial circumstances to determine an indicative level of support the may be eligible to receive. 

  2. Once a student has formally accepted their place at the school, they must complete the main Dance and Drama Award application form to determine the final amount of funding a student is eligible to receive.


Funding will only be confirmed after the full income assessment has been completed.


Income Assessment


The student’s household income from the previous tax year is used to undertake the income assessment to establish eligibility for DaDA funding. For the 2015 to 2016 academic year this is the 2014 to 2015 tax year. Income can be evidenced by a Tax Credit Award Notice, receipt of benefits or evidence from employment (P60, P9D, P11D) or self-employment.


Unearned income such as shares and investments, savings, pensions and income from rental property should also be taken into account when assessing a student’s application.


Siblings are not taken into account in income assessment.




Students will be income assessed once for tuition fees at the start of their course.


Income assessment for living costs funding will be undertaken on an annual

basis and students are required to submit a new application for living costs support each new academic year. Only in exceptional cases, such as disability or death of a parent or carer, can a student’s living costs support be reassessed in-year.


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