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Abigail Dever, Starlight Express, Germany

Abigail Prudames, Northern Ballet Theatre

Adam Denman, Singin’ in the Rain UK tour

Adam Harris, Croatian National Ballet

Adam Lake, Cats, European Tour

Aisha Jawando, Soul Sister, Fela

Alan Burkitt, Top Hat

Alex Pinder, West Side Story

Alex Thomas, Fame

Alice Jane, A Chorus Line, West End

Alyshia Waite, Apprentice at Northern Ballet

Amy Ellen Richardson, Singin' In The Rain

Amy Hollins, Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Gower, Being Human, Rosewater

Anna Monleon-Jimenez, Birmingham Royal Ballet

Annabel Scholey, Richard III, Passion Play

Ashley Andrews, Drunk

Austin Garrett, Starlight Express Germany


Ben Roomes, Vanemuine Theatre Estonia

Benjamin Astle, Mamma Mia

Bernadette Patterson, Vienna Festival Ballet


Camille Mesnard, Beauty and the Beast, Paris

Carina Gillespie, Wicked, UK Tour

Caroline Crawley, Phantom of the Opera

Caspar Stadler, Apprentice at Boston Ballet

Charity Wakefield, Day of Flowers, Walking on Sunshine

Charlotte Dalton, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Charlotte Gooch, Dirty Dancing, West End

Charlotte McKelvie, Royal Premier Cruise

Charlotte Mills, RSC's Wendy and Peter Pan, Winter's Tale

Cherelle Jay, I Can't Sing

Chris Connor, Starlight Express, Germany

Chris Trenfield, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Christina Chomg, Dr Sarah Witney in Monroe

Claire Foy, The Crown, Wolf Hall

Claudia Kariuki, Hairspray, UK Tour

Corey Annand, Metamorphosis, Little Match Girl

Craig Mather, Les Miserables

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