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Jack Brown, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Jack Evens, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Jack Greaves, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Jack Widdowson, Bern Ballet

Jack Wilcox, West Side Story

Jacob Hughes, Sarasota Ballet

Jamal Andreas, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Jamal Zulfiqar, Ragtime, Regents Park Open-Air Theatre

James Gant, Les Misérables

James Gibbs, We Will Rock You

James Morgan, Red Hot Broadway

James Streeter, Junior Soloist, English National Ballet

Janiere Williams, Thriller Live

Jasmyn Banks, Eastenders

Jason Gray, Starlight Express

Javier Santos, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Jayde Nelson, Thriller Live

Jaye Jacobs, Holby City, Waterloo Road

Jenna Lee, Soloist, English National Ballet

Jeremy Batt, Top Hat

Jesse Milligan, Cape Town Ballet

Joel Harper-Jackson, Rent

Jonothan Cordin, Dirty Dancing

Joseph Cane, National Ballet of Croatia

Joseph Davenport, Matilda

Joseph Prouse,  I Can’t Sing

Joseph Taylor, Northern Ballet

Joshua Lacey, From Here to Eternity

Joshua Thew, New York City Ballet Company

Joshua Woodhams, Vanemuine Theatre Estonia


Kane Parry, We Will Rock You Arena Tour

Karl Bowe, Jesus Christ Superstar Arena tour

Kayleigh Stephenson, We Will Rock You, West End

Kevin McGuire, We Will Rock You, West End

Kieron Providence, Into the Hoods

Kimball Wong, Australian Dance Company

Kirstie Skivington, I Can’t Sing

Kirsty Mather, New Adventures

Kyle Seeley, Bodyguard


Lashana Lynch, Romeo and Juliet, National Theatre

Lauren McCarron, Dortmund Ballet

 Laurretta Summerscales, English National Ballet

Lawrence Massie, Vanemuine Theatre Estonia

Lee Harris, Les Misérables

Liam Jennings, West Side Story

Liam Pentland, Zingzillas

Liam Wrate, Book of Mormon

Lindon Barr, Jesus Christ Superstar

Lisa Dent, West Side Story, Tour

Lisa O’Hare, Mary Poppins & My Fair Lady

Lori Gilchrist, Royal New Zealand Ballet

Lorna Sullivan, Dreamboats and Petticoats

Louis Clarke-Clare, Cats Royal Caribbean

Louise Denvir, Carnival Cruise Lines

Luke Barnes, Game of Thrones 

Luke Murphy, Matthew Bourne Company

Lydia Arnoux, Ballet Cymru

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